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Mental Health Free Webinar

On Saturday 10th October it is World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is to do one thing better for your mental health. So one great way to do that is to learn more about mental health by joining our FREE webinar on Zoom on Friday 9th October from 11-12. 

The seminar will cover Mental Health & how it is being affected by Covid 19, how important it is to use mental ill health terminology correctly and why you need to start preparing for this mental health time bomb before it is too late. 

A study has found the following to be true from our society during this pandemic:
  • Feelings of loneliness have more than doubled since lockdown began. 
  • 1 in 5 adults are feeling hopeless
  • A third of young adults (18-24) are feeling hopeless (Mental Health Foundation, 2020)
So, we want to see more businesses providing a mentally healthy working environment, so lets work together to make sure that as well as keeping our staff physically well, we are making sure they are emotionally and mentally looked after too!

To sign up to our free webinar, delivered by one of our experienced Mental Health Trainers, please click here.
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