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We’re Back…

From the 1st September we will be back delivering face to face training again!

We are thrilled to be back and we will be taking every precaution to make sure that everyone’s safety is our priority. The ways that we will be enabling this is by:

  • Asking pre~screening health questions to all attendees
  • Taking all attendees temperature from a distance with an infrared thermometer 
  • Making sure social distancing measures are adhered to throughout the training
  • Providing hand gel and encouraging it’s use regularly
  • Providing Face Masks should attendees wish to wear one

We understand that not everyone feels safe to do training face to face just yet, so fear not, we are still offering our virtual training courses, which are delivered over zoom by the same fantastic instructors, providing the same quality training, just virtually. 

We offer first aid, mental health in the workplace, infection control training and many more. To find out more about the courses that we offer then please go to our courses page.

Now is the time to get yourselves booked in and make sure that you and your staff are up to date with training. So if you want a training quote or any more information about our courses, then please email [email protected] to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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